Pros and Cons of using an Online Financial Advisor Vs A Local  Advisor

Choosing a Financial Advisor now and in the future, an additional option has emerged. Traditionally, you’ve been limited to the group of Financial Advisors (and their expertise) that are in your local area. Today, using the same technology you use to FaceTime family or what you use at the office or in the conference room, you can conduct high-quality video interviews and have access to a whole new level of specialized service as you seek and maintain freedom financially.

Challenges with Choosing a Traditional Local Advisor

Knowing how to choose a financial advisor can be a challenge if you are from a smaller area. Now, you may be lucky and have some of the top advisors in the country in your hometown.  But for those who don’t, there are other options.  Do I need a Financial Advisor to be Local or Online... So the debate begins … Can you feel comfortable you are being listened to, tended to, and served in a way that exceeds your expectation by a group of advisors you only meet online through FaceTime or Skype? 

Does My Financial Advisor Need to Be Local? 

Choosing a local advisor might be just fine for you depending on your geographical location. That was great in the past, however, if you want the very best fit for your financial planning needs then similar to a heart surgeon going to the end of the street might not be the best option.

Questions to Ask Yourself About Choosing an Advisor Online or Locally

  • People ask me all the time "what's the word on using an Online Financial Advisor compared to a local advisor when planning for Retirement?".... 
  • Would you prefer to have the absolute best or is the best locally sufficient? Is it worth it to look nationwide for the best financial advisor?
  • Would you consider a safe and secure connection online if it meant you were able to have access to superior resources for financial freedom?


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What is FundMax?

FundMax is the #1 Online Resource for Financial Freedom Solution Strategies. There is a new topic in the financial world... Local Financial Advisor VS Online Financial Advisor. What should I choose? Is online planning for retirement right for me? Read more about FundMax here.


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