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George Wells

You May Not Be Ready.... But Your Kids Will Love it.

You need to be different enough you get noticed But not so different you get discounted. Before his time. Marty in Back to the future Jamming on electric guitar playing new music. The crowd just wasn’t ready for it.

Life Provides Us Two Ways

One is the transparent and smooth path, because millions have walked on it. You can have a nice secure life, but living in someone else’s dream can be boring. Being unique helps to create and experience the life that you want. Everyone is unique in their own way. Knowing how you can be unique helps to add authenticity to your life. One of the things that makes you different is the experiences that you see in life. Everyone experiences variations in their day. Your unique experiences throughout your entire life, as well as your day to day experiences are what make you the unique person you are today.



Perception and Experience 

The way that you view life is not going to match up with anyone else. Perception accounts for how we experience things as well as how we think and feel. This plays a huge part in how what makes you unique. Combined your experiences and perception helps to guide your beliefs. What you believe is what you perceive to be true based on what you have experienced in life. Not everyone has the same beliefs, which helps to distinguish us from one another. Having a willingness to be yourself is key in standing out from the crowd. Most people are not comfortable with their differences and approaching life based on their preferences.

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