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We believe today's saver deserves much more! Improper alignment of financial tools with your needs and preferences is the major source of missed opportunity, disappointment and regret.
And you know what? It doesn’t have to be that way!
What if you need to adjust your estate-planning goals or your needs change? What do you do now? How much is it going to cost you and is it worth the money? What if you are building your estate plan for the first time? What if you have a plan already, how do you adjust it?

Everyone needs an estate plan, and everyone has one, even if it is the default plan created by the state he or she lives. Each state has its own rules to determine what happens to someone's stuff once they pass away. If you don't want the state to choose what happens to your assets when you pass then, you do not stick with the Default Estate Plan.  Below are more details about the different estate types and trusts. Our goal is to keep these insights simple so you can follow along.

What do I need life insurance for at this age? Are you kidding me? I’m done working! Life insurance? Estate planning? That’s right.

There are many different options with trust funds and estate planning that can be complex in preparing your asset protection plan. If you are not aware of at least the basic terms you might have a more difficult time communicating with an attorney on the subject. Better understating more about trust funds can help you know what you are getting yourself into when you meet with a financial professional. 

Wonder what your peers are asking about estate planning? What are the most commonly asked questions asked about estate planning AND what are the most commonly overlooked questions? Feeling the need to know what to ask before you sit with an attorney makes a lot of sense that is why we make it easy for you to be prepared before you even start.

Quickly skim through 16 frequently and Not So Frequently asked questions you should be familiar with.

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