Is the financial planning future for millennials better or worse than past generations?

Future Financial PlanningFind out why we see the next generation of savers as having a great advantage over previous generations. Use practical insights to accumulate massive amounts of savings for retirement.

Sharing With Younger Generations


People we talked to are either in retirement or very near retirement today we're going to give you something that you can share with the younger generation. You can forward them this link so they can watch this video to kind of encourage them. Here's the encouragement, you being the age that you are having your entire career in front of you have the ability to save great amounts of money. You have The Compound Effect where money is able to turn over and over and over and over again. Through us and our resources are able to have access to tools that the normal person just doesn't have access to but, most importantly this is an encouragement.


  Choosing Where to Spend


Choosing Where to SpendYou being able to pick whether or not you go and get a coffee at one of those Foo-Foo coffee places or take some of your hard-earned money and put it into a savings account if you decide to get that Foo-Foo drink take 50% of that cost and put it into one of those savings accounts.
  Either way, you're being Mindful and you are determining what you do with your own money and that is extremely encouraging because you have control. So many people previously depended upon their pensions they depended on different things that they thought they were going to receive from an institution. Then a few years ago things happened and a lot of that went by the wayside but, you know that you're not going to have that pension you're not going to have that money coming in. You have the ability to take your own finances in order and make your own choices. I believe that the next few Generations are going to have massive amounts of savings.


  I don't believe what the media says that this generation is not smart or not being smart with your money. I believe that you're much more aware. You're not easily dissuaded by a lot of this noise that the older generation can have the tendency to get caught up on because it's just is advertising advertising advertising. Your sensitivities cut through all the shenanigans. You know what you need to do and there's so many of you because I've talked to so many of you that are doing that. You're Savers, I've talked to people who are saving as much as 50% of all of their income because they're living smart and they're living well. Saving 10 to 25% is the norm because you know that in the future you're not going to have these pensions.


Future Age

Encouraging the Youth


  The reason I put this together is to encourage you to keep up the good work. Keep up your initiative! Other Generations say "we have a hard time relating to them". Well, guess what, every generation has said that. You're your own person you know what you're up against and you can do it. You can thrive you can grow and you can continue to dominate as you have. You're a lot better off than what you think.


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