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We believe today's saver deserves much more! Improper alignment of financial tools with your needs and preferences is the major source of missed opportunity, disappointment and regret.
And you know what? It doesn’t have to be that way!

It is interesting to know who is asking these questions. Often it is a do-it-yourself or someone trying to figure out if they are missing something. They wonder if they need a professional now or in the future. I am going to give you answers to these questions. I want to provide you with the ammunition and tools you need to know if a financial advisor is right for you

You have saved your entire career, and now you get the bonus of retirement. You have been accumulating income, and you need this income for retirement. You may be a little bit nervous when you begin to use that money because you do not want to run out of money. However, there are all these things you have been waiting to do. 

I want to discuss call options and put options. A lot of people do not understand or feel confident about what options are. The reason options are important is because every day we hear about the stock market, what the S&P 500 did, and what the Dow Jones did. In addition to that, there will be three to four times more activity happening in the options market. 

Here is one answer to this question. As a financial advisor, I can tell you that you may never need one.  You may ask what can a financial advisor do for me compared to what I can do for myself? 

There are three elements to keep in mind with every retirement decision you are making.  This is an approach to use when you are dealing with income, tax management, estate planning, or investment choices. 

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