Investing for Retirement

Three Ways To Declutter Your Portfolio

Want to know if you can consolidate some of your retirement savings accounts? In this course, we provide valuable insights to help you know the three types of accounts. Bonus – Roth accounts can...

Investing for Retirement

Overlapping Funds

Are you putting all your eggs in one basket? Want to know if you might have some mutual funds that are all holding the same stocks? Many commonly recognized companies are held in thousands of...

Investing for Retirement

Competing Advice

Want to know why one recommendation seems almost completely opposite another? Learn the difference between ‘selling investments’ and facilitating you getting what you expect over time. What is...

Investing for Retirement

What's A Financial Strategy?

What does it mean to have a ‘financial strategy’? What does it mean to have a portfolio of investments that will give you what you expect over time? Should you be investing in new companies? If...

Investing for Retirement

Fortuneteller Feelings

Are your feelings giving you bad advice? Are the ‘emotions of the market’ getting you off track? Being aware of the emotions that drive the market and the emotions that drive investors decisions...

Investing for Retirement

High Junk Bonds

Are you buying Junk thinking you’re buying High Quality?

Financial Advisor Information

Analysis Paralysis - 7 Steps

Do you feel stuck between INFORMATION and ACTION? Enclose are the insights you can use to get on track or stay to track;


1) Trust your tools

2) Break down big decisions into steps

3) Harness the...

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Special Tax Notice 401k Distribution


Before rolling your 401k or any other tax deferred saving plan over to an IRA, you will be asked if you have recently viewed the ‘special tax notice’.

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Is the financial planning future for millennials better or worse than past generations?

Find out why we see the next generation of savers as having a great advantage over previous generations.

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Money is a Feeling.

Want to know how to have confidence that you have enough to retire happily ever after?